The strong must protect the Sweet. - Homer J. Simpson


Look at the little guy!
Alex gets a section all to himself.
Last Updated: Dec 12 2005

Here comes Santa Claus!
We celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple and in the new house.
Last Updated: Dec 25 2004

Enough already, lets go to the islands!
After a great wedding weekend, we spent a few weeks on the island of Dominica.
Last Updated: Dec 13 2004

The wedding, are on!
Yes ladies, sad to say it but Matt is no longer available.
Last Updated: Dec 13 2004

The princess <cough, cough> in all her glory
Jen had a great time at the wedding shower!
Last Updated: Dec 13 2004

Matt gets on one, flipper...
We got engaged a little bit differently than most people do!
Last Updated: Dec 13 2004

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