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 225 Gallon Saltwater Reef Aquarium:
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A tank of this size always has a lot of power needs. I wanted to make absolutley certain that all of the electrical work for the tank was isolated and redundant. Two new 20 amp circuits were installed and run through the attic to the tank.

All of the electrical equipment is distributed across both circuits. Circulation and lighting is shared so in the event that one circuit fails, the other has components to keep the tank alive. A Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) protects each circuit.

Plumbing and Circulation

The main tank cycling is powered by a single Sequence Reeflo Dart. Accounting for head loss, it is pumping just under 3,000 gallons per hour through the tank. There are three 2" drains that flow into the sump. Each drain has a Durso silencer on the inlet and another silencer on the outlets (into the sump). The large amount of return flow coupled with the silencers brings the noise to a very quiet level.

The acrylic sump measures 40" long, 20" wide and 16" high for a total capacity of approximately 55 gallons. In normal operation, it's about half full. This leaves enough room for the tank to stabilize without overflowing in the event of a power outage.

The sump return is split into two 1.5" return lines pointing down the long length of the tank. Inside the tank are two Tunze 6100 Stream Turbelles on the opposite end of the tank from the sump returns. The 6100s are powered by a Tunze 7095 controller (for those that care, the controller is set on Interval 2).

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Electrical & Plumbing
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Lighting, Filtration & Cooling
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