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 225 Gallon Saltwater Reef Aquarium:
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The Tank
The tank is a glass aquarium, 72" long, 36" wide, and 20" high. The three visible sides of it are starphire (a low iron, very high clarity glass). There is a single overflow on the side of the tank that is concealed with four 2" drain holes. It was built by Cliff Freiberg at C.R.S. Aquariums in Ft. Lauderdale.

Stand / Wall Construction

As soon as we moved into the house, we had to start construction on the stand. The tank was to be picked up on August 31st. Because of the size and weight (close to 400lbs empty), we couldn't store it somewhere. We had to take it off of the truck and put it on the stand.

Since the tank is so wide, it was much easier to completely knock down the existing wall and rebuild it. The plan was to add a small "closet" space right next to the tank to for storage and equipment.

The floor inside of the stand was covered with a vinyl pond liner. It is nowhere near enough to contain a full flood, but can hold a good 40 gallons or so. Definitely enough to catch the occasional mishap (and there were more than a few of those when getting the plumbing done!).


The main goal in the design of this tank was for it to look like it was built into the house. We did not want it to look like a seperate piece of furniture.

The walls are 1/2" plywood, sealed with paint and a MinWax PolyCrylic coat on the inside. The outside was covered in joint compound and a spray on orange peel finish was used to match it to the rest of the walls. The walls were painted to match the wall colors.

The cabinet doors are a simple dual panel shaker design. They are painted to match the white moulding and green and orange wall colors.

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Electrical & Plumbing
Water and electricity go together right?
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Lighting, Filtration & Cooling
Keeping it clean, cool and making it glow!
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