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 Meet the new boss:
Alex's goes to the beach
This was Alex's first trip to the beach where he could actually play on his own.
Last Updated: Jun 9 2006
Alex's first Birthday
Alex turned one and we had some family and friends over to celebrate. He had a lot of fun playing with his smash cake!
Last Updated: Jun 9 2006
Walking Around!
The big guy has started walking around!
Last Updated: Jun 2 2006
Alex's first Christmas
Alex did great with Santa!
Last Updated: Dec 16 2005
Alex's first Halloween
Want some candy little boy? Alex didn't quite know what to make of everything. He was pretty neutral about it. Though one house we went to had a strobe light that he seemed to really like!
Last Updated: Nov 2 2005
Time for Alex to eat some solid food!
He actually ate for the first time at his daycare, but this was the first time Daddy gave it a go. We didn't get too messy.
Last Updated: Nov 4 2005
October pictures
Joe and Sarah finally got a chance to come down and meet Alex. Most of these pictures are from their trip.
Last Updated: Nov 4 2005
First time in the pool!
Yes, believe it or not, we waited over three months before getting him in the pool.
Last Updated: Nov 4 2005
Alex get's some holy water splashed on him!
Last Updated: Nov 4 2005
September pictures
Miscellaneous pictures from September.
Last Updated: Nov 4 2005
Original gallery
These are the pictures from the original gallery that was up.
Last Updated: Jul 5 2005

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